Child Victims Act (CVA)

Child Victims Act (CVA)

CVA extends NY’s statute of limitations to give child sex abuse victims more time to sue and pursue criminal charges.

Child Victims Act

Previously, In New York State, the statute of limitation laws required most survivors of childhood sexual abuse to either file criminal charges or seek civil damages by the relatively young age of 23.

New Law

Under the new law, victims who survived sexual abuse as children will be able to file civil lawsuits against abusers and institutions until they are 55 years old. 

The CVA also includes a “look-back window” for adult victims who were previously prohibited by the statute of limitations to sue during a one-year period.

On the criminal side, the bill will give law enforcement more time to file charges against abusers.

Under the new law, victims would be able to seek felony criminal charges until their 28th birthday, and they’d have until their 25th birthday to seek misdemeanor charges.